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DK150: Z​.​O​.​A / BORIS - Refrain Collaborative 12" LP

by Z.O.A / BORIS



"Refrain", the first conceptual collaboration album from Z.O.A x Boris, is complete.

It is a musical suite from both bands that surpasses space and time in a single 33-minute composition.


Z.O.A burst into existence in the 1990s, sweeping the scene instantly with their inventive and radical musicality before vanishing just as quickly.

Boris emerged right around the same time, almost as if stepping in to fill the void they left.

Though the two bands sadly never crossed paths at the time, there was still an undeniably collusion between the two deep beneath the surface.

Due to Z.O.A bandleader Morikawa’s participation in Boris recordings in recent years, as well as core members of both bands forming the collective A/N, Z.O.A rose once again, making a complete revival in February 2019. The band swiftly embarked on a solo live tour, which was then followed up with a new DVD and album produced by Atsuo of Boris, who has never been shy about stating how big of an influence Z.O.A has been on him. Z.O.A and Boris only grew more and more tightly connected, and the time was truly ripe for the two bands to perform together.

Unfortunately, any such plans were put on hold not once but twice, first due the natural disaster back in October of last year, and again by the global pandemic this March.

This album is a recording that was planned for an early release on sale at the the venue to Z.O.A x Boris show scheduled for Sunday March 8, 2020 at Koenji High.

"Refrain" is a conceptual collaboration album by both bands that contains a single 33-minute musical suite that transcends space and time.

The long, sonic pilgrimage of these two bands of unrelenting heretics resonates here as advance testament to the “inevitability” that has been promised.

It is proof of the existence of both bands that have been tossed about once more by the cruel whims of fate.

But, their time will surely come again.



1. Refrain -if you / En attendant Godot-


Seiichiro Morikawa - Vocal

Shinji Kuroki - Guitar

Takahito Shinohara - Bass

PAZZ - Drums

Z.O.A is a Japanese rock band formed in 1984. Band leader Seiichiro Morikawa founded “MORE records” (now Grand Fish/Lab) sometime around ’82, before then focusing solely on the band, which then went on to release the self-titled 12-inch “Z.O.A” in ’86 after several changes in lineup. Guitarist Shinji Kuroki joined the same year, after which Z.O.A released four more albums. The group was mainly active between 1986 and 2000.

They are still active today, playing only a handful of shows in the interim.

Z.O.A is currently Seiichiro Morikawa (vocals), Shinji Kuroki (guitar), Takahito Shinohara (bass), and PAZZ (drums). This has been the lineup since ’89. In 2019 the band release the CD “Six Tracks”, produced by Atsuo of Boris.

**Latest Release**

“Six Tracks”

CD:FAS-015 Price: ¥2,800 + tax

“Melancholiac Composers With No Destination on Movie”

DVD:FAS-014 Price: ¥2,800 + tax


Official HP : www.grandfishlab.com/index.html

Twiter : @grandfishlab


Takeshi - Vocal, Bass & Guitar

Wata - Vocal, Guitar & Echo

Atsuo - Vocal, Drums, Percussion & Electronics

Boris formed in 1992, and eventually arrived at the band’s current lineup of Takeshi, Wata, and Atsuo into ’96.

In the 27 years since, Boris has tirelessly explored their own rendition of what is heavy through methods entirely their own, continually creating, destroying, deepening, and transforming their music along the way.

Though the depths of their “heaviness” may intensify, their unique musicianship defies classification in any one genre or style as it heads towards realms that cannot be described simply in terms of explosive sound or thunderous roars.

Recents years have seen Boris grow even more radical as they diversify towards a dimension of sound that is more grid-less and organic, yet also incorporates pop and melodious elements.

In June 2019 they released an extreme pop-side single “tears e.p.” that also includes covers and instrumentals from TRASH-UP!! Records.

Sound production from Coaltar of the Deepers member Narasaki’s label Sadesper Record and Shinobu Narita show that Boris is pioneering even further realms of expression.

The band also released the new album “LφVE” & “EVφL” from Jack White of the White Stripes’ label Third Man Records on October 4, 2019 (later released in Japan on October 16 from TRASH-UP!!), and embarked on a 12-week tour of North America, Europe, and Japan in February 2020.

Boris released their most recent album “1985” on limited-edition vinyl to coincide with the official launch of their “heavy rock party” fan club on December 24, 2019. The club is a new platform for interacting even more directly with fans.


released June 26, 2020


all rights reserved



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