DK122: Fog Lake - Captain 12" LP

by Fog Lake



Limited vinyl edition coming soon via Dog Knights Productions


released July 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Dog Knights Productions UK

Dog Knights Productions is a UK/German-based vinyl-specialist record label.

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Track Name: dinosaur
wave goodbye to the dreams you never had
i've been a stray too long
i think i know what's wrong

but i'm going nowhere fast
i'm going nowhere fast
i'm going nowhere fast

dinosaur was it wrong to let you in
love wired us tangled and torn
i'm not surprised that it shows

and you're going nowhere fast
you're going nowhere fast
we're going nowhere fast
Track Name: acrylic
you woke up from a dream
years ago you were all alone
acrylics and stained sheets
never accounted for

i stayed up with you all night
years ago only down the hall
lost my charm with the wine
when i said i need you

you might not think it's so bad
but i've been living like i'm never going to heaven
i'm not sure if i took four or if i took seven
but i feel something else

you might not think it's so sad
i've been feeling just like a rolling stone
i made a living out of dying alone
trying to be something else

and one day if you come back
i'll be around for awhile if it sticks
or trade it off for a temporary fix
until there's nothing left
Track Name: california
it took awhile for you to settle down settle in
you took the cinnamon and washed it out of your mouth
and when the guillotine came down it snapped over my neck
still once you looked away you were gone

there's only diligence in those who try to cut you down
and once they do the tremors echo coast to coast
and when you dream
do you wake up soaked in red colored sweat
love seems so far away from anything you want now

there's a part of me that never wants to see you again
and there's a part of me that needs you now
i don't why my brain was wired fifty fifty but now
it seems i'm the only one oblivious

it's spreading like a disease that's what you wanted
when it was here now it's the curse you got
and when you fled to california i was somewhere at home
just trying desperately to brush it off
sucked out the venom and you spit it out of your mouth
but i'm not sure i wanna die slow
my heart's still broken
but something would have done it somehow
some things just never end up like you thought
Track Name: serotonin
i stopped by to your place on the way back home
it felt innocent a lack of modern intent
we took time to displace how we felt alone
was it real or was it all inside of our heads

felt like a lie at the time
i couldn't tell the truth
seven years ago i was falling in love with you
yeah there's a lot of things about me you'll never know

she wasn't one in the same
she was a friend of mine
it was the serotonin ask me if i'm doing alright
yeah there's a lot of things about me you shouldn't know

we jumped ship when the curtains were finally pulled
it felt useless another lifelong regret
it was a crime yeah some ways it was criminal
was just a kiss or was the love inside of you dead

felt like a lot at the time
i was just seventeen
seven years ago you were falling in love with me
yeah there's a lot things about you i shouldn't know

he wasn't one in the same
he was a friend of mine
it was the melatonin i could never sleep right at night
and when i dreamt of you i'd wake up just losing my mind
it was the serotonin ask me if i'm doing alright

yeah there's a lot things about you i'll never know
there's a lot things about you i'll never know
there's a lot things about you
i'll never know
Track Name: monster
you could say it like you mean it
you could tell me how you're feeling
cause i cant tell
there's a prayer i can teach it
wouldn't matter if it reached him but i dont care

far gone beyond repair
with a sawed off secret
so just sit back
i created a monster

didnt seem within reason
well i got nothing to believe in
and im sick of this
you could try to live by
every rock n roll suicide i'm impatient
theres no captain on this ship
we're all going down with it but i dont care
i created a monster

well dont sigh i know why
you were living all these lies
its not secret
half naked in my eyes
another farewell lullaby for their judgement
i'd try but i cant live with this
a dead muse and a sick head
that you wont miss
there's no captain on my ship
the water's up to my neck
so dont hold your breath

far gone maybe this it it
got a sawed off secret
so just sit back
i created a monster
Track Name: doghouse
art school graduate
i was counterfeit
halfway down the line
ran into you blind

i repaired that car
filled up broken jars
with brandy on our breaths
while we just laid in bed

but don't say i never warned you about me
don't say i never did
i never drove that fast again no
won't you tell me what i missed

crashed it one last time
you were almost mine
but i just got back in
and rode over that cliff
Track Name: goldmine
ive been feeling far out
strung out in my hideout

but you got a goldmine
don't let it all dry up
you were right im only living for their lies
its really all i got

shiny precious diamonds
never fall in my hands

but you had it all right
i let it all dry up
in a way im only digging for their grave
you know it's all i got
Track Name: captain
Track Name: talk
you know i hold it against me
come back i know you remember me
they say i was always crazy
you know it's all i talk about

just alone as i'll ever be
come back i know you hate me
i'd dream but i can't fall asleep
you know it's all i think about

distance can be such a catalyst
i've been afraid of abandonment
my love just never felt adequate
you know it's all i've got now

i won't forget what you said that day
don't lie i know there's not anything
but i spent centuries waiting
you know it's all i sought out

and on that birthday you never had
black and white roses on your neck
wish there was something i could have said
to turn back time

your friends shrugged it off when they found out
you spent your life in a haunted house
but nobody cares
what stalks you now

couldn't extinguish my ailment
drinking to feel compassionate
maybe these pieces will never fit
you know it's all i talk about
Track Name: dying out east
even if you wanna die young
you'll be coming back crying like a baby
and maybe you might think you'll win
by just running round tying onto anything

and maybe you can sing acapella
but i've been hearing echos
in the corners of all the walls with the pictures you used to be in
but i don't make us out

some kind of curse you speak of
but i got a heart not heavy
doesn't matter if you told a thousand truths
or a million lies

no i don't care if you're dying out east
i'll be coloring the walls with my head up
and every time you spill blood i'll clean it up
if you just leave me alone

there's something in those words
you sing that to me
could only mean nothing
i don't care if you're dying out east