DK121: Fog Lake - Dragonchaser 12" LP

by Fog Lake



Limited vinyl edition coming soon via Dog Knights Productions


released June 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Dog Knights Productions UK

Dog Knights Productions is a UK/German-based vinyl-specialist record label.

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Track Name: novocaine
we'll make or break slip away
honestly i could wait for anything
i could wait
i could wait for novocaine

cut to chase
heaven's gate opens up
tears the static out of me
i'll just wait
i'll just wait for novocaine

i wrecked it all
somehow these are such
easily forgotten days
i'll just wait
i'll just wait for novocaine

tightrope you walk
it's not all your fault
you'd play anybody's game
i'll just wait
i'll just wait for novocaine

they put a stake right through my heart
they bled me dry til the feeling stopped
they put a bounty on my head
they said goodbye
said goodnight and that was it
Track Name: tolerance
i built up a tolerance
to being this way
i've been chasing dragons for the race
hunting for something i'll never attain

i built up a tolerance
to coming back home
hearing voices coming from the walls
bags packed just no where to get off

i built up a tolerance
to holding my breath
i got a pain i think i wanna forget
fifteen dollars gets you where it gets

i built up a tolerance
to things that i miss
see you lying face down on the bed
oil paint like blood on your hands

oh god is that really all we'll know
i don't want us both to die alone
oh god is that really all we'll know
poltergeists knocking at our door
Track Name: rattlesnake
live for the moment i've been trying
running out of reasons to control myself
and yeah it might have been the drugs
or their self medicine
have a toast to your luck
it never changes

going unconscious
i let them all nod out and back in
as i told myself
that it might just be the way that it had dawned on me
from your arms to the grave
all on paper

i keep thinking
maybe they were right and i'm wasting
all my precious time
but i keep riding with the ghost
just to see if it's true if ill become their host
meet my maker

and you believed them
all the ones you swam out to sea with
never warned you when it got cold outside
and the money was marked
made your heart go dry
got swept under tide

i'm still breathing
and someday i'll cut all the heartstrings
just to save myself
cause when your home's out of sight
i hope you see me to what they call my life
a teenage wasteland

i'll make you see it
all the ways you snuck into my head
tearing holes in my sense till the good part of me died
and the trembling stopped
from your rattlesnake bite
and it all went dark
Track Name: kerosene
cold flame i've been
you got love like kerosene
i knew you'd finally call me out on my bullshit
but baby not like this

old dog new trick
some memories they just can't resist
and when they find me bleeding out know
that there was never any doubt in my head

and i was kicking concrete
i was chasing your train
guess i'll never see you again

it's all my fault
i'll stay dry til things fall apart
and so you really thought i found it this time
but baby not like this
Track Name: breaking over branches
i've been going in circles again
got me thinking i'm unwise
i'm better now than i was back then
don't think it matters much

i'm afraid that it's almost time
especially now that i'm wound up
i'm better now than i was back when
i didn't know it was love

drove you back to your parents house
your school pictures lined up the walls
i don't know what you were back then
still never figured you out

slammed the door on the way back
broken owl wing spewing dust
my heart's been breaking over branches again
don't think it matters at all
Track Name: strung back around
you provided carrying arms
but can you imagine it since
whatever place this kamikaze lands
my heart will sink
and now we're just strung back around

so i promise you
i won't figure it out
sometimes i'm just a slave to myself
played down all my cards
could never get this roundabout to stop

such a shame we slept off
our own peace of mind
a little bit damaged with time
but still we made it fly
and now we're just strung back around
Track Name: medicine road
and for the days we lost
down medicine road
you had to give up the ghost
this black dog will slay upon us
crying out for a home
why don't you pick up the phone
porcelain doll

is that really all you run from
this broken dream's your fault
you let the domino fall
and as for the days we lost
down medicine road
you had to double the dose

so when the doctors got sick
we called our own trials
something to cure ourselves quick
but didn't work at all

i walked this desert all alone
just to prove that i was lost
and when it all went to shit
i just convinced myself
that's it's all i run from
(you had to put on a show)
Track Name: side effects
i never had any alibi
no recollection of that crazy night
i threw my heart into a wishing well
hoping i'd stop myself

still hear you breaking over mountaintops
some kind of mystery that no one solves except us
now when my teeth fall out i'm never only dreaming
in on the joke i guess

i always knew that this would never end
i got all your side effects

like when my skeleton is crying out for relief
like when my bloodstream's flowing backwards
running up your sleeves
like when your image stains my mind
until my conscience bleeds
and still it's all i want
Track Name: roswell
what else did you think could go wrong
cause i've been trying to cope but i can't stay strong
what else did you think might be true
cause i've been waiting too long for nothing to do

what did you think had happened to me
because i don't know if i should intervene
what makes you think that this might be true
cause i've been waiting too long for nothing to do
Track Name: oak island
i just wanna be the sister
that you never had
i don't think i'll see it through
christmas day coming in twos

coughed up my future
and i made a map
buried the evidence
somewhere on oak island

give me a price
to feel like this
i never passed the test
i've been paying for it i guess

four layers deep under the surface
somewhere on oak island
we never dug you up again
Track Name: push
i don't wanna be alone right now
god i wish it was a little bit later
think i'd rather be asleep right now
dream about some mistake i made

tell me why i'm living so fast
i wish i was just a little bit younger
then i wouldn't be afraid like this
push it in just a little bit further

you were right this never gets old
waking up in another direction
if circumstance is all we get
let's come back the way we came

i know it's a chemical thing
that's why i spend each day
just trying to get my head on straight
think i'll try just a little bit harder

some people they waste their time
while others just play to stay
i don't wanna do either of those things
i just wanna make it stop

and when i do i'll hold it in
everything i wanted to say
so when my eyes roll right back
i won't remember anything

well tell me why it never made sense
i guess i figured out sooner than later
that love's just another kind of bliss
someday you'll come to miss

take a ride in the getaway car
some call it another chance
but then they never wake up from it
they take it just a little bit further
Track Name: spectogram
i know i'm in over my head
i know i'm in debt to this never ending spectrogram
the city slick fixed me in quick
chewed up and spit
i never meant to let this happen
i never meant

i wanna change
i'll find a way
a beautiful way to watch it die
look in my eyes tell me why you lied

to take my place no one to blame
but that's okay it's not the same
an empty page
now it's too late