DK068: Disembarked - Nothing's Wrong Here 12" LP

by Disembarked

Always wanting more, I'm giving so much. Always pushing people away, although I'd rather they'd stayed. I must have a body of a ghost, but arms of a man, since I'm desperately reaching out my arms trying to force things closer, it just passes through.
Sudden Veer 02:39
We sat outside talking for hours, at midnight late in september. And I remember the silent clouds, and how the wind was blowing. Blowing in a direction of change, headed for the distant north you said. I kept on insisting that the wind was blowing south. But as I pointed my wet finger up in the air, I felt no wind at all. You sighed and the gust of your air, stroked my finger and I said it's blowing north indeed as I watched you leave.
Lies are shot like arrows, piercing us the filthy ones. Hold in place, in this awful trench. Been searching for a ransom to buy us out. Tired of having this same old grudge of who did what, and who did not. We're stuck here waiting out the fire with trembling hands, shaking spine, longing for what could be out there. Dreaming away to a foreign place, but there's no way out. I can't get out there. Guess I'm bound to keep these filthy lies: nothing's wrong here
Postponed 03:39
My only wish was to know you better, But I guess I've given up that dream. As I've tried to hold you closer, I've just been drifting further away. (Because) there's stuff I can't get over, so I wouldn't say we're moving onwards. We're just stumbling around, opening sewed wounds that never really healed. I guess I'm better off withstand the stuff and put it aside. To postpone is what I'm really good at, and it's all your fault since you've postponed me through all my life
Is it ever fair to hate someone for not being there, when I'm not even there? When I'm not better myself. Is it fair to blame a mother for a distraught heart? Or have I brought this on myself? Questions I've always asked but later now confirmed. You were never there for me, you're never there for anyone. It's just you and you and yourself. Never me or him, us or anyone else
I guess I've given up the responsibility for my own happiness
Caesura 01:27
I've tried to have fun on my own, but it's so hard with my emotions being out of control. "Don't come here complaining, don't come here I won't here you out" I'm paranoid, never seem to belong anywhere. My mind translates whatever I hear into: "Don't come here complaining, don't come here I won't here you out". All I seem to hear is that I'm unwanted. (Guest vocals by Jonathan Lemberg of Shirokuma)
Grethe 03:25
So full of excuses, but I was scared and I knew that this might be the last time that I could spend time with you. But I was scared of the sight of you being weak and unsure of who I was. It's quite selfish I know that and now afterwards it's shameful that I never had a real goodbye. I couldn't get myself to the front of the funeral where I had a last chance to say goodbye and that I'm sorry. I've spent days and sleepless nights being hateful and disappointed with myself. But also glad that we still have our last time together and maybe you feel the same way. After all you're doing better now
Saunter 02:26
The sky never looks down on my and smile anymore. The street lights never seem to lighten me up wherever I intend to go. Dogs they bark, but never at me. Birds they sing, but never for me. Because right now I don't exist, I'm stuck somewhere else. I'm here, but not quite here. I want to be there, but instead I'm here. So where am I?
Hindsight 03:14
Second thoughts at the point of no return, beauty of hindsight. Why did I put myself far away from you? I've pulled the wrong strings and done some stupid things. Enacting peace with an internal war, been throwing bricks at a non-bouncing wall. So lost but with one wish. That I still could be with you. If I get another chance then from now, mark my words, I will be right there for you
They say "away is good but home is the best." But if my heart is where my home is, then I'm far away from home


Debut 12 track full-length from Disembarked (Stockholm, Sweden)

Released on limited vinyl and digitally by Dog Knights Productions, 2014


released September 26, 2014


all rights reserved