DK049: Øjne - Undici​/​Dodici 12" EP

by Øjne

Glasgow 05:08
I hate the city I've never been to, the summer I remained here, the days I've missed, lost between taking for granted and loving the present. Between songs we listen to only 'cause they remind us of someone. Read yourself again in one year and you'll understand it was all useless. Listen to yourself again in one year and you'll find out everything has changed. It's already gone, it's already happened sift through innocence as if it were a book written twice, written thrice but it always stays the same. Have you ever listened again to that song that reminded you of me? I still keep the words, and those pictures, and everything.. I never wanted it to come to this, I never wanted to betray myself, I never wanted to burn everything else, but I did, nevertheless. Read yourself again in one year and you'll understand it was all useless. Listen to yourself again in one year and you'll find out everything has changed.
Still, every morning when I wake up I always feel that impulse, that will to escape. What we love is sometimes too fast, what we don't care about is by our side.. And I hate those who can't stand violinists on underground trains, and those who don't let you get off before boarding. I hate it when it's too hot, and I hate betraying myself like I did thinking back to Glasgow. And I listen to Jawbreaker every spring. Every spring. After all, there's no other place I could ever call home.
Voragini 03:52
We stay with our heads bowed into an abyss of thoughts, only fate will take a decision for us if we will ever meet again one day. Our eyes are losing tears, clouding the reason, we die inside. There is no solution. But suddenly here comes the calm once again the same old noises come from all over, (who knows) what we will ever be. We retrace the usual path looking for a senseless serenity. Living day by day seeking an apparent goal that could completely change your life. Feeling the seasons slipping on your skin. Everything you lived for seemed to fade away, compelled to take forced decisions and then to freeze a storm of emotions. Finding the courage to keep living in monotony not to rot inside, knowing for sure that all we are wasn't made to make us happy.
Naufragio 03:06
Sometimes it happens to say farewell to the wrong things in words written on impulse in airports, in train stations. It happens everyday. I'm looking for a refuge, I'm looking for comfort in countdowns in unanswered questions I don't want to know what you think about before you fall asleep. You're in all the dreams I have except the ones I remember when I wake up, and everything is different better than how I remembered it. Now that the sun is stealing my glance now I make a pause, I understand and I stop counting. Now that I can look at the sea without seeing any shipwreck only horizons of far away lands and an endless time to get there. Today there is no shipwreck for me.
Ancora 05:23
It was better when the sun was not warming and we used to listen to Frammenti before sleeping. It was a bit better in summer, keeping windows open, getting into abandoned factories without leaving any traces. When we used to speak in first person plural finding a second person for every lyric and song. When at 4 in the morning in Lugano we were searching for a train station, but we found the smell of fresh bread instead. It was better to get lost by car, to find traffic, to get home late, but to always get home. To begin all of the books we have at home and to finish only the ones we're forced to read. Seeking for answers in movies we forget the plots of. It was better to call you every day while coming home from school, to travel alone, to wait for you for hours, seeking for answers. It was better without pollution, better far away from here. And it would have been better to skip some lines. It would have been better not to scream so loud. It would have been better not to scream at all, but it's not up to me.


released October 24, 2013


all rights reserved