DK028: Foxes / Iselia - Split 12" LP

by Dog Knights Productions

As you blindly held me kindly and opened doors to give me a place to nest, Each twig was placed down below me as I lay in your hollowed out chest. To wait ‘til the other season, a whole life time away… As you wait to rebuild and fill this hollowed out chest, a place to nest inside you. And how your warmth was so inviting as you let me in your door and you held me close inside. And how your arms were so inspiring, I spread my own to find my home within me. Not the most beautiful of birds, no wise, no humbled heads, no claws may scratch this surface and take what makes this nest! And I’m waiting for you to rest as I’m standing here and waiting; now all this emptiness inside of you, well I welcome you with open arms. And now this place is uninviting, as the darkness brings the cold, now frozen numb within you. But still your arms are so inspiring, that warmth I once felt, now my nest, for you to rest inside me.
The morning hours with no comfort solace. A night as cold as you and I. Has the world been kind? Has your spring season turned an autumn brown? Waking chambers, in silence I sleep with dreams full of bouts of anger I've learned to keep. I haven't seen you in a while. Has the world been kind? Have you lost your heart in the fire? You know better than I that cold words turn warm gestures and I've been breathing the ice. On eves like these I only know darkness heavy as this, but I've never lost my sense of sight. I know better. Can you feel our hands reach out to fold as they were told to? Open and close. Sometimes I wonder if I can change or are we all just made out of stone. We're all just made of stone. Come close to what is left. Burning ashes. Helplessly cling to the flame. I've been alone, and I've been without a home in mind, But warm hands soothe the languish. I've grown use to the ache. (Can you feel our hands reach out to fold as they were told to? Open and close.) Calm aiding vessels standing in circles, open their hands. I never want to lose myself again, but this flame is bringing ends. I never want to lose myself again.


released September 24, 2012


all rights reserved